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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A word about MARRIAGE!


As many of you know. Alyne and I have been married for nearly 5 days now. I feel after this time that I have some room to expound and share my vast knowledge with all of you about marriage and how to do it right...hahahahahaha but really. So much of being happy has to do with making sure that you always make sure that your spouse knows they are THE MOST important part of your life. This means rubbing their back, cleaning their toenails, and sharing the blanket. This even means running down the street to get them chocolate and ice cream at midnight. And guess what? It is ALL worth it. Every moment.

Both Alyne and myself are ever so young and inexperienced in regards to marriage. However, we love each other and have spent a significant amount of time with each other since the very first day we met. The transition from being friends----to dating----to being engaged----to being married was...

...Well, there really was no transition. Our honeymoon seems to be a continuation of every week of our lives together thus far. We spend more time together than mission companions which might as well be because this companionship is eternal.

And so it goes in the Cancun of Mexico. Tomorrow, we head to our new resort: The Grand Mayan Riviera! Our past 4 nights at the Suites Gaby have been just splendid. We have had our fair share of street food including todos tacos, tamales, random vegetables and such, baked goods, and not to forget our liquados. We stocked up at the market today after venturing to the hotel zone to find a veggie restaurant that had good reviews on Then, headed home for a movie night. Also, we started playing take two in the shower which has become a favorite past-time of mine :)

Alyne has now covered her face with the comforter in an attempt to go sreepy time so i will end this post by saying just one more thing...SMILE! Just smile and remember how lucky you really are.

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