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Sunday, January 5, 2014

25 Things to Do Instead of Getting Married Before You're 25, a Response to a Response

         Oh lawdy.

        Well my husband (husband?! she has a husband?! but she looks so YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL oh stop it you) suggested that I write this article since I had a preeeetty strong reaction to the first article, "23 things to do instead of getting engaged before you're 23". I am not linking to it because I hate it. I think my comment on the article was something along the lines of "You're an idiot" and "I cannot even DEAL" mature, I know.

        I have NOTHING against staying single until kingdom come! I also have nothing against people getting married whenever they want and are ready! Luckily Taylor wrote a great article pointing out the 1 million inconsistencies and wrong things in the original article. I will point out a few myself.

        FIRST of all, she touts her list as things married people can't do. Obviously she has serious mental problems and we should get her some help because married people can do 90% of things on that list. Wait WHAT as a married woman I can't #10 Cut my hair or #4 Adopt a pet?!?!? Well thank you for enlightening me because I love animals and didn't know that being married prevented me from adopting one! And wow I can't cut my hair?! I sure screwed that one up, I've done it probably 4 or 5 times since I got married!

        And let's talk about #15 Disappoint your parents and #22 Be Selfish. Actually let's NOT talk about them because they are SO DUMB AND AHHHH I can't handle it kill me now. I almost don't even want to write an article refuting things because they are so OBVIOUSLY ridiculous - but apparently thousands of people think this girl is a genius, so I'm just here to tell you that for sure she is not.

        OKAY! Onto positive things. The world is a big place and there is a lot of stuff to do and to learn about. I know I feel stagnant sometimes and life can get bleak, but from my experience, if you wait it out it will eventually get better, at least for a while :) And there are things you can do on the upswings that will get your endorphins going and your face smiling. And with no further ado, a list of things that even married people can do.

                                                       To the list!

1.) Travel the world!  Something anyone can do!

                                 When we lived in Brazil for 2 months                                 

2.) Laugh at your mistakes

Burned a stove top onto our strainer!

3.) Seek some thrills you've always thought sounded fun!

4.) Create art!

My husband, a MARRIED man, successfully painted a fox

5.) Go horseback riding

Married people! Doing things!?

6.) Enjoy art! 

Banksy in Park City

7.) Visit and hang out with your single friends

We didn't forget about our friends once we got married :)

8.) Grow an epic beard and then SHAVE IT OFF YAY (this is more for men).

Before and after
9.) Hike to a waterfall

Kanarraville Falls 

10.) Go on a road trip! Drive instead of fly!

Lovely Colorado
11.) Try something new

Roller-biking anyone?

12.) Get your camp on - being outdoors is a great change of pace

Camping with family at Galilee!

13.) Find a great view!


14.) Visit a national park, or somewhere breathtaking!

Grand Canyon

15.) Find ways to make errands fun
Even if it's shopping and sooomeone is bored ;)

16.) Get your DIY on!

Yay power tools!

14.) Go to a local festival

A photobooth at Sundance Film Festival

15.) Listen to and watch TED Talks, and download inspiring and eye opening podcasts (like radiolab)!

Or just take selfies in airports?

16.) Visit relatives you haven't seen for a while or that you didn't know you had!


17.) Enjoy the water!

Jet skiing in San Diego!

18.) Start a business and create jobs! My husband did this (here) and it's a blast!

The girl in the first article said to do this when you're single. But guess what, married people start businesses too!

Some of the employees at the office

19.) Do more service! (Come with us to serve in Fiji this Spring!)

Serving and being served in beautiful Fiji!

20.) Bake cookies for someone!

And if you royally fail, just visit a friend without em!
21.) Spend time with animals!

Horse in Cambodia!
21.) Visit a museum

Assyrian Guards

22.) Grab some friends and make a cool video!

Star Wars Parkour in Goblin Valley

23.) Invite new friends over for a meal!

Being social helps you live longer says science
24.) Look at old pictures and reminisce!

In my Mom's wedding dress
25.) And finally, make time to spend time with your family! 

                                                         Whoa you read the whole thing!


p.s. I'm going to try to do a post for travelling on a budget soon...


  1. My niece and her husband are so cool! Yes, I read it all!!!!

  2. I hated that article too! I can't believe people applaud her when she suggests intentionally disappointing your parents and being selfish. That is just awful advice and will make people feel terrible afterward. I appreciate sane people like you to offer a little perspective!

    1. Yeah seriously!! I was like WHAT is going on help

  3. Even being single and "24", I disagree with her completely. I know I will find that guy that will become my husband eventually and that we can do things together like you've listed. I don't need to stop being a certain way just because of marriage and I'm still single because I choose not to lower my standards. I just haven't found him yet that matches me. I would never want to disappoint my mother, never. She deserves to have a daughter she can be proud of and that's what she gets. You can be selfish in your life and achieve your accomplishments... but that doesn't mean you need to go out and just say "screw you world" and become cold. I'm just upset she got as much shares and comments as she did and I only hope others read your article more because it's more insightful.

    1. That is exactly how I felt!! I am just hoping that everyone who shared the original article have friends who are people like you who set them straight and explained it to them! People can do great things single or married!

  4. Best rebuttal I've ever seen!! I think it should be linked!! Hahahaha! Wanna be starting something.... (MJ song)

    1. Hahaha yeah I posted a response before I even wrote this to the original one but I don't know if she approved it XD

  5. This was awesome! You know for a long time i felt like getting married would be the end of everything until i met a couple that are friends of mine and they totally remind me of you and your husband. Its so awesome to know that if i do get married in the near future or when ever i can still be me. Check out my blog by the way :) which i think u can by clicking on my name lol

    1. I'll check it out for sure! Yeah getting married can be way hard but it definitely can be way awesome too!!

  6. I just read this again because I wanted to laugh. I love the beard one where you say this is more for men. Ha ha ha.

    1. hehehe my favorite thing to hear is that it makes people laugh!!! sooo glad you like it!!

  7. This really is so great! I would also like to point out that most of these things are probably way more fun if you're married because you get to share them all with the person you love the most and will have memories to cherish for years to come (as cheesy as that may all sound). Marriage isn't the death of adventures, it's an adventure all on its own--proof of this is the movie UP haha :)

    And you should definitely do a travelling on a budget post, I would love to read that.